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Our product Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 is a self adhesive PVC film with the aspect of velvet. It is applied by the best Car wrapping specialist on your car’s body. The Velvet film application take about one day, depending on the car model and the chosen options.The application follows the exact contours of the vehicle and respects the lines drawn by the automotive designers.

Better yet, it enhances the shapes, accentuates them by the exceptional mat aspect of the fibres used. The cold and neutral aspect of the metal gives way to an extraordinary result.

Total Covering

Surely the most elegant way to dress your car. All the elements of the car are covered except for the chromed parts and particular elements that our applicators judge essential or complementary to the general effect.

The colour rendering is uniform, mat and tactically very chic.

Partial Covering

Our team will find with you the best result between the existing colour of your car and our Velvet Cars’ foil on certain places of your car body.

We obtain an amazing result contrasting between the shinning aspect of the metal and the intense mat aspect of the Velvet film.

Roofs covered or not, hood/ bonnet in Velvet standing out between body paint and headlights, doors partially wrapped. All is possible on request, according to you and our recommendations.

Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes are inherent to the automotive legend. Velvet Cars has several aesthetic racing stripes of different colours ready for application. Once applied, the stripes provide the car with a new dimension, very elegant as they go beyond the simple vision of an applied vinyl stripes. Indeed, the embossed brought by the fibres ennobles the roof, hood and rear body of the sports cars.

Technical considerations

Our realizations Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 are the achievement of an European patent and a French high-tech production. Extreme conditions endured by cars are also accepted by our high-end car wrapping films.

Your car, dressed up by Velvet Cars , resists to rain, snow, mud, intense sunlight, frequent washing, hydrocarbons etc. ...

Our warranty differs depending on the country of our customers. This product has passed the most stringent tests, such as Arizona and Florida Tests.

The film can be removed from the body at your convenience, without altering your original painting. You will find your original car or you can apply another color in our range.

In addition to their aesthetic and tactile characteristics, our films protect your body from projectiles attacking the paint and the metal of your car's body.

Moreover, the film provides a better soundproofing of the cabin. Acoustic comfort and enhances the life inside your vehicle.

Available colors

We offer you 15 colours, all of them chosen by the best stylists, in complementarity with the more classic automotive body colour swatch.

Regularly, new colours are on offer, in the same way as a « haute couture » collection would be renewed.

Colours on offer are subtle and different from conventional patterns. Subtle burgundy, green Wimbledon, deep navy blue, intense black, everything contributes to the visual and tactile excellence.

Upon request, sample of our material will be sent by our sales department or international correspondents.

Your style applied on your car, it's our revolution !