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Velvet Cars Concept

Velvet Cars Concept

Velvet Cars create, produce and sell the most beautiful materials to dress-up your vehicle. This high-end velvet self-adhesive surfaces, dedicated to partial and total covering, are applied on the body of any prestigious car, scooter and motorcycle.

With many available colours attracting the eye and especially the touch, Velvet Cars’ foils for partial and total covering will allow you to escape from the conventional automotive paints.

Your vehicle becomes an emotional factor. It is beautiful, easy to clean, touchy, personalized, unique and so pleasant to drive.

Velvet Cars allows the best customization, one that suits you, that you have chosen.

By deciding to anticipate major trends of tomorrow, we created the concept Velvet Cars in collaboration with our top stylists, designers and car-wrappers.

Velvet Elite Wrap 9100, the Velvet Cars flagship product won 4 Global Media Awards at the Las Vegas SEMA show 2012-2013.


You are interested in Velvet Cars...


You are an individual and you want your car being wrapped with Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 (partial or total covering).
You have 2 options :

  • Buy directly your roll on our page Buy and ask your car-wrapper to wrap your car.
  • Find your car wrapper on our page Velvet Cars network and get in contact with him.

   Car Wrapper

You are a professional car wrapper (partial and total covering) and your customer want his vehicle to be wrapped with Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 ? Velvet Cars team is available for you at any time for suggestions and know how.

You can contact us directly at any time on our Facebook page Velvet Cars - Official or by mail at : info@velvet-cars.com


Become an exclusive Velvet cars wholesaler in your area and get our best wholesaler prices. Our wholesalers all have a very good knowledge on the car wrapping market and a recognized expertise in technical products for Car Wrapping.

You want to become a Velvet Cars wholesaler ? Our team is available at any time to study your request : sales@velvet-cars.com


For all media operation please contact directly our communication department at : media@velvet-cars.com